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8 Ways to Achieve work-life Balance while Working Remotely

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Most of the companies have switched to working remotely with the spread of coronavirus. It can be difficult to achieve work-life balance in such conditions. We have to get used to this new reality and make our home a great place to work.

It may not be easy to make a full work environment at your home, but there are certain things to take into account while you adjust to your new office.

Maintaining Work-life balance can be tricky at first!

You might get overwhelmed with this sudden change in the routine of work which may result in either overworking or to relaxation resulting in too many unaccomplished tasks.

Certain boundaries need to be set for personal and professional aspects especially if you have a family to be with and at the same time not let it affect your work. One also needs to adjust to the new operational and communication transition from office to home. 

Working from home can be challenging at first for the employees as it can actually be more stressful if one loses track of time when they are working from home and get more tired, exhausted compared to a usual workday.

Here are some tips to create a perfect balance of work and personal life.

1. Get dressed before work

women working from home

The normal routine of your office work includes changing into your work clothes and this should not be ignored when working from home. It can be very tempting to put on your comfortable clothes but wearing the appropriate work outfit creates good mental preparation to start off a good productive day. 

It is important to pretend and treat your home as an actual work environment if you want to achieve a work-life balance. You don’t have to be completely dressed in your suits of heels, but get out of your pajamas and dress up at least minimally, it creates a whole new outlook and makes you feel like you are working.

Once done for the day, remember to change back to your comfy home clothes to have the mental satisfaction of coming home from work.

2. Stick to a designated workspace

Choose a specific place at your home which can be dedicated completely for work. It should not be too comfortable like a couch or a bed where it is easy to lose track of work and have a negative impact. 

Choose a space with good sunlight, if possible, near a window. It can be a desk at the side of your living room or your guest bedroom but you have to stick with the same place every day. Treat it like your office. If you have video calls, avoid choosing an area where you may be distracted by children, other family members, or even pets.

Pick a comfortable chair, and off you start. Once you are done for the day, make sure to leave that place (your office). 

3. Take the required breaks

Recharge yourself by taking short breaks after long hours of working. Constantly sitting on a chair and looking at the screen creates fatigue and is not good for your eyes and overall health. 

If possible, take planned breaks all through the day. Take a small walk or talk to your family members. It will create some positive outlook and you will be able to focus better. 

You do not need to work continuously for long periods of time just because you are at home. A small change of environment creates a whole new outlook. Do something that makes you happy and get inspired for the rest of the day.

4. Set specific working hours

You can easily lose track of time when there is nowhere to go after work. In such situations, it is common for people to lose track of time and work for more amount of time than they would normally do at their office. Just because you have all the time, it does not mean it should be spent working. 

Do not end up working beyond your limits and end up exhausted at the end of the day. You have to set your office hours and stick to them every day. If possible, make a schedule on your calendar. 

If you have kids, make them understand from the beginning that you will be in your office at certain times and you will be there for them during non-work timings. Involving everyone in the house sets boundaries and helps to stay on schedule. You have time for work as well as your family. 

5. Have a proper lunch

Just like at work, get up from your desk when it is lunchtime. Avoid going to get snacks all the time during working hours, it will affect your appetite and your productivity. 

You can use a reminder or an alarm to know when to have lunch just like you plan everything else. 

You can sometimes even have a virtual lunch break with your co-workers and have some fun. Keep finding such creative ideas but make sure you eat healthily and on time.

6. Get organized with the online and offline workspace

Organizing your workspace creates a positive mentality and helps to stay focussed on just what is needed. Avoid distractions as much as possible from whatever is not related to work.

As prior preparation, make sure to have all the essential supplies required the night before at your designated place. Get rid of the things not needed and any old clutter and avoid last-minute chaos. Make some space to store the papers and office supplies at your desk.

For online organization, Google calendar is the best tool you can use. It enables you to block specific workday periods and mark deadlines. 

7. Do not multi-task

We all think we are good at multi-tasking, but in reality, it affects all those things we are trying to do at once. The most common example is that of eating while you work. This can be a bigger problem while working from home. 

It is very tempting to carry out small tasks in the middle of the day when you should be focussing on your office. You have to maintain that work mode and be in the zone. 

The same goes with your schedules breaks away from work. Make sure not to go to your laptop during this time, you have it to yourself to do whatever you want. Get back to work after the break and once again get in the work zone.

8. Take some time off for physical exercise

This is one of the best perks of working at home, take full benefit of it. You can have dedicated workout hours during the day. Even if your gym is closed, nowadays many trainers offer online classes. There are free lessons on YouTube as well if you do not wish to spend anything. 

You can start with yoga before moving to other exercises and cardio workouts. It is not just useful to be resourceful at work, but also creates overall mindfulness and is a way to maintain a work-life balance.

It boosts your physical and mental wellbeing, reduces that unnecessary stress, and enhances your mood. As little as 15 minutes a day is enough to start with.

We hope this tips will help you to maintain work-life balance. We’ve curated a list of some products which can make your life much more easier.

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