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Yes, These Are The 10 Trending Summer Nail Colors That Are Worth Trying

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Summer Nail Colors 2021: Take your manicure game to the next level!

Welcome the warm weather with a fun pop of colors, vibrant hues, and glossy nail paints!

If you are going to wear a pop of colors on your nails, then summer is definitely the time!

Bright colors are always huge for summer. Whether you choose to flash your neon as nail art or as a full manicure, your neon bold look is sure to stand out.

Nail Paints: There’s a color in the mix for everyone’s manicure vibe.

If you feel like changing your nail situation from neutral nails to something more summery, look no further than these beautiful summer nail colors 2021 experiment with this summer.

We’ve rounded up the 10 hottest summer nail colors 2021 from drugstore to Sephora.

Paint your nails, and put it on the ‘gram.

1.Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum pink has been all the rage this summer. From clothes to nails this shade of pink is easy to wear and brings a bright change from classic winter shades. It can instantly add a pop of color to any monochromatic outfit or to a casual work-from-home look. This gorgeous bubblegum pink shade will ensure that you stand out from the crowd and make a statement!


pink nail polish
Sephora.com ($20)
candy pink nail paint
Walmart.com ($7.37)

2.Vibrant Yellow

There is a playfulness about this fantastic, vibrant yellow shade. We think you will agree that vibrant yellow reminds all of us about all things summer! Also, this hue suits every skin tone.


yellow nail polish
Walmart.com ($4.86)

3.Shades of Green

All the shades of green are surprisingly versatile as it goes with every skin tone. It evokes calmness and tranquility and it is an excellent choice for the warmer months.


green glitter nail paint
Ulta.com ($10)
light green nail color
Walmart.com ($5.86)

4.Tangy Tangerine

Warmth and Sunshine! A bold tangerine hue can help you create an interesting contrast for any outfit. It is an exciting choice for this summer, as it pairs well with neutral colors.

orange summer nail color 2021
Source: @haleyznailz


copper orange nail paint
Ulta.com ($5.25)
orange nail polish
Walmart.com ($6.26)

5.Pretty Periwinkle

This periwinkle hue has been all the rage this season! Periwinkle hue will create an interesting look that will get you noticed. It can look both elegant and chic.


periwinkle nail color
Ulta.com ($13)

6.Deep Red

Deep read nails are classic and timeless! You can wear this shade to an formal summer soiree without giving it a second thought. Deep red nail art with black and gold color will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

deep red summer nail color 2021
Source: @nailwiz.liz


deep red glitter nail polish
Ulta.com ($10.50)

7.Shades of Brown

The shades of brown will definitely steal the spotlight in 2020. From deep chocolate shades to lighter brown, almost milky brown nudes, this shade has proved that it will continue to be trend this year!


glossy choclate brown nail polish
Ulta.com ($10)
glossy brown nail polish
Target.com ($7.49)

8.Poppy Red

Watermelon sugar high! You can’t go wrong with this popping red shade. It is an intense color, which demands the deserved attention.


red nail paint
Target.com ($7.49)
red nail polish
Target.com ($11.49)

9.Trendy Turquoise

A color which is flattering on each and everyone! This trendy turquoise blue hue is fun and casual but still elevated.


turquoise nail color
Ulta.com ($10)

10.Rainbow Nails

Can’t decide on one shade? Try this years ‘Rainbow Nails Trend’. Pastels to bright colors, wear any shade that you love!

rainbow nails summer nail color 2021
Source: @nailitmag


lavender nail polish
Ulta.com ($10.50)
light candy pink nail polish
Ulta.com ($5.59)

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