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9 Profitable Blog Niches That Drive Traffic Make Money in 2021

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Scroll down to read about the 9 most profitable blog niches that drive traffic and make money. This article may contain links from our partners. We may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Please read our Affiliate Disclosure.

Most Popular Blog Niches That Make Money - Blog Pin

Do you want to start a new blog?

Are you riddled with questions like what is the most profitable blog niche? And how can you make money with the blog? What are the most popular blog topics?

These are some questions that every new blogger is thinking about and guess what? You should be thinking about it!

You might have probably heard some advice like write about something you are passionate about or you should be an expert in the field you are blogging about.

Then why do you need to choose a profitable blog niche?

Because blogs are basically platforms for you to share your ideas and thoughts with the world, right?

So, why do you have to pick a single niche? Why can’t you just share whatever thoughts that come to your mind?

If you want to build a successful, profitable blog from scratch and consider it as a business then choosing a profitable blog niche in 2021 is a must!

Why Niche Blogging works so well?

  • You get a clear idea about your target audience.
  • Monetizing your blog becomes a bit easy.
  • You become a ‘subject matter expert’ that will help your blog to rank for competitive keywords.
  • It becomes easier for you to create consistent content for your audience.

If you want to make an income/living from your blog then you need people coming to your blog. In order to attract your target audience you need to solve a problem.

So let’s talk about the most profitable blog niches that drive traffic and make money in 2021.

Here, I am sharing the 9 Most Profitable Blog Niches That Make Money and drive insane traffic to your blog!

1. Personal Finance / Frugal Living

If you think you can help people reach their money goals, earn more money and teach them how to manage their finances then Personal Finance can be a good niche for your new blog.

Share with your readers the money tips and tricks that you have used in your life and that have helped you gain become financially independent.

Fitnancials - Best Blog Topic That Drives Traffic and Makes Money
Image source: fitnancials.com

A Blog that I love and follow:

Fitnancials by Alexis – A blog motivating women for a better future. Alexis writes about personal finance, blogging, and also some lifestyle article. You can check out her blog post on How I Made $5,047 in 1 Month Blogging.

2. Parenting Blog

A universal blog niche which is also popular and profitable that new bloggers can start.

New parents have a lot of questions and are always in search for the best answers. More questions equals to more amazing content opportunities for you.

Make your blog all about helping new families to make their life a bit easier.

Mommy on Purpose - Best Blog Topic That Makes Money
Image source: mommyonpurpose.com

A Blog that I love:

Mommy on Purpose by Carly – Carly is a full time blogger and a stay at home. She started Mommy On Purpose in 2016, and now she is a famous blogger who writes about pregnancy tips and being a mom.

You can check her blog income reports here. Her main streams of monetizing her blog are affiliate marketing, ads and products!

3. Home Improvement & Organization

Are you someone whose Pinterest boards are filled with home decor and DIY projects to improve your home?

Home Decor is an amazing niche for driving insane amount of traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest being a visual search engine, home decor pictures can be a great eye candy!

Just a Girl and Her Blog - Best Blog Topic That Drives Traffic
Image source: justagirlandherblog.com

A Blog that I Love:

Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog is passionate about creating a beautiful, thriving home, and life and helping others to do the same! She posts about home organization and easy-to-follow home decorating tips.

Check out her Blog Income Reports here.

4. Food Recipes

Because who doesn’t love food? Some love to eat, some love to cook, so naturally food is a popular blog niche.

Food Blogs have strong potential to gain a lot of organic traffic through tutorials, recipe posts and eventually you can branch out in Digital Cookbooks too.

You can also choose to blog about a specific diet. For example, Vegetarian and Vegan recipes to focus on a specific audience and build a loyal community.

Pinch of Yum - Unique Blog Niche That Drives Traffic and Makes Money
Image source: pinchofyum.com

A Blog that I Love:

Lindsay is the creator behind Pinch of Yum, who started the blog as a casual hobby and has now grown it into a full-blown business. Following her can help you take your food blog to great heights.

You can check the Blog Income Reports of Pinch of Yum here – Making Money From a Food Blog.

5. Sustainable Living

More and more people are now adopting a sustainable lifestyle and they are always on the hunt of finding resources to help them. This makes Sustainable Living one of the most profitable blog niches in 2021.

You can build a loyal base of highly engaged readers who are seeking to better care for themselves, and the planet.

Sustainable Living - The Good Trade - Profitable Blog Niche
Image source: thegoodtrade.com

A Blog that I Love:

The Good Trade – A leading resource and community for sustainability, slow living, and self-love. Check out The Good Trade for some content inspiration about sustainable living.

6. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects

Are you a crafty or creative person? Are you passionate about a certain hobby?

Home Improvement? Soap Making? or some other hobby that you love doing in your free time?

There are a lot of people looking to try some new creative hobby and DIY blog is a great way to inspire them. Share your How-to guides on the blog and you can also use your affiliate links to the recommended supplies.

You can also branch into Etsy store to sell your handmade products.

DIY Project - Best Blog Topic That Drives Traffic
Image source: younghouselove.com

A Blog That I Love:

Young House Love – You will find some amazing Home DIY and Decorating Tips from John and Sherry, the creators of Young House Love.

They have also published books, created their furniture line, and much more stuff. Also, check out their Before & After Category.

7. Career Resource

People are always looking for advancing their careers, help with their resumes, professional development, how-to guides, etc.

You can help them reach their professional goals by posting guides on several topics.

Also, you can blog about specific niches such as resources for recent college graduates, exclusively for women, etc.

Career Contesaa - Profitable Blog Niche That Makes Money
Image source: careercontessa.com

A Blog that I Love:

Career Contessa – A website focusing exclusively on women to cultivate successful careers. Helping them with job searches, career growth, and professional discovery.

8. Health & Wellness

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle but it is not always easy. It is a universal topic which makes it one of the HUGE blog niches online.

So, if you are serious about blogging you need think about a blog niche which can be useful to a big chunk of people in the world.

Easy Living Today - Best Blog Niche To Make Money
Image source: easylivingtoday.com

A Blog That I Love:

Easy Living Today – Jessica Castaneda of Easy Living Today is a mom who shares her love fit, healthy lifestyle, and eating healthy.

9. Lifestyle Blogs

If you are someone like me who loves every new shiny thing, then you might consider starting a lifestyle blog with multiple topics. Basically, lifestyle blogs are about life.

You can use your lifestyle blog as a ‘test drive’ to find out what you like blogging about.

For a beginner, it can be a great choice!

Amber Fillerup Clark
Image source: amberfillerup.com

The Blogs That I Love:

So here you have it! The 8 Most Popular Blog Niches That Makes Money in 2021.

You don’t need to niche down right away. Dip your toes in niches that interest you and find out what works for you, what doesn’t.

Start to reevaluate after you have published a good quality and quantity of blog posts.

Niche down a bit, once you know what is working!

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