The 90s Hair Barrettes Are Back!

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Feminine, Chic and Ready To Be Instagrammed!

The barrettes are back in town and are way cooler than ever. With more fun, colorful and trendy styles to choose from. Bows, beads, crystal clips, shells and more.

These are perfect for adding subtle glam to your everyday look. If you want to go bold add a fun statement barrette full of sparkle and glam. Without doing much, you can transform your whole look with these new trendy hair accessories.

Clip into your braid, or wear it with your messy bun or just sweep your hair to one side and hold it in place with a sparkly hair-clip.

Step up your hair game with this season’s new hair trend. Once you start collecting them, you won’t be able to stop.

We’ve rounded off these adorable picks of hair barrettes and hair clips for you to shop from.

Large Metal Hair Barrette
Hand Crafted Metal Barrette ($16.95) –
Shell Hair pin
Faux Pearl & Shell Decor Hairpin ($4) –
Petit Moments Pebbles Barrette ($28) – (Available in Mint & Pink color)
Hair pin
Geometric Design Hairpin ($3) – (Available in Silver color)
Metal Barrette
Metal Hair Barrette ($16.95) –
Shell Gold Hair Pin
Leia Shell Hair Pin ($18) –
Moon Shaped Hair Clip
Marble Stone Charm Moon Shaped Hairpin ($3) –

Bow Hair Clip
Faux Pearl Bow Shaped Hair Clip ($4) –

Black Diamond Hair Clip
Black Diamond Hair Barrette ($20) –
Diamond Star Clip
Star Design Rhinestone Hair Clip ($3) –

**Note: Prices are accurate and items are in stock as of the time of publication. This post contains affiliate links. Please read our full Affiliate Disclosure here.

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