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9 Online Courses That’ll Help You Start A Side Hustle

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Are you looking for a side hustle that will help you get some additional income?

Or are you simply tired of your current job and want to do something new?

Here are some suggestions that you can consider doing either as a part-time thing or turn it into your full profession.

Doing something you like gives you mental freedom and you can go on to pursue your passions while earning at the same time.

All this can be done from the comfort of your home!

For doing this, you may also consider acquiring additional skills to upgrade your knowledge. You will be a professional in the eyes of your clients while you enjoy doing what you like.

Here is a list of online courses that will help you to get prepared and start a side hustle. And who knows, your side hustle can grow into your full-time business!

1. Online Course Creation

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All of us have some special skills which we want to put out in the world.

Why not start your online course for that unique skill of yours! With the world going digital, this is the perfect time to share your knowledge in the form of courses. Maybe you know a second language or you play a musical instrument, there is always someone out there wanting to pursue that skill.

Learn it here: Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation – Unofficial

2. Web Content Writing

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If you have a passion for writing, you can write content for clients on the web as a freelance writer. There are multiple websites which bring together writers and companies who require good content writers. Another way is to write an e-book and sell on platforms like Amazon and

This is a skill which you can use to earn some passive income.

Learn it here: Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass+Power words eBook

3. Virtual Assistant

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A work from home job where you get to do a variety of tasks depending on your skills and qualifications. You get to be a professional to help companies with administration jobs. If it is your business, you can create your schedule and find your clients.

All you need is access to a laptop, and an internet connection.

Learn it here: Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant

4. Social Media Management

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If you have a good grasp of marketing, you can acquire some additional skills such as a course in digital marketing.

You will be managing all social media channels to help increase the traffic and grow business for your clients. You will be running campaigns for platforms like Facebook and twitter which will get leads. Some clients may even want you to create a website.

Learn it here: Social Media Management – The Complete 2019 Manager Bootcamp

5. Graphic Designer & Video Editor

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A side hustle for those who have an eye for detail and an interest in image/video editing, design, and artwork. Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, etc. are learnable softwares.

You can start off by practicing designs for your social media handles and building up your portfolio to get good clients.

Learn it here: Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro

6. Dropshipping (E-Commerce)

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You can start your very own business with dropshipping. You sell your product directly to the customer at a very low cost. You also will not be needing any inventory.

All you need is to do proper marketing. The plus side of dropshipping is that you will have the ultimate say in everything as the business will be completely owned by you.

Learn it here: The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

7. Image Consulting

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An Image Consultant helps their client for creating a better personal brand which depicts who they are. You will use your professional knowledge in fashion for enabling your clients create a social image concerning to dressing, personal style, body language, etiquette, etc.

Image consulting is in high demand in hospitality, mass media and public sector fields.

Learn it here: Advance Image Consulting e-Course

8. Blogging

woman typing on a laptop

Blogging is best for those who can create continuous content that will attract the readers. It may be on a vast subject or even a very specific niche that you can put in the form of articles. Once you start to attract steady traffic, you can monetize your blog.

Although it takes some time to start earning a good amount, blogging has proven a very good income source for those who stick to it for a long time. Some people have also quit their main jobs to become full -time bloggers.

Learn it here: Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2020

9. Podcasting

laptop and a mic

People nowadays are inclined towards listening to audio files instead of reading large amounts of data. This is the perfect time for you to start a podcast and earn some passive income. It only requires a minimum initial investment to start.

You will want to acquire skills such as setting up the equipment, recording, and editing. This is also a steady field with long term returns.

Learn it here: The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide to Podcasting

Use your spare time to Grow your Side Hustle!


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