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5 Morning Rituals for Healthy And Glowing Skin

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Don’t we all want our skin to glow, like always?! If you are among those people who tend to spend more on skincare products than makeup, then you need to read on. These 5 Morning Rituals can help you achieve that ‘natural look’ without makeup.

1.WATER: The Ultimate Skin Food

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First thing in the morning, enjoy a glass of warm water. Drinking the right amount of water can you to flush out toxins. For taste, you can add some slices of lemon to it. Lemon helps in detoxifying your body and is great for metabolism. A Cup of Vitamin C can help your skin to glow and stay healthy.

2. Sweat It Out!

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Sweating, is actually, like a good steam session for your skin. It cleans your pores inside out. It’s a natural way of detoxing. Exercising increases your heart rate and blood flow. Your blood flow helps your skin to glow. So, get that heart rate up and blood flow going. Sweat is good for you!

3. Wipe Your Face With Warm Towel

Not only it opens your pores, but also instantly wakes you up. This simple step is easy to introduce into your current routine. It’s like a mild exfoliation which softens your skin. It will help your skin in proper penetration of other skincare products in your routine. But be sure you are not using a towel which is too hot in order to not burn your skin.

4. The CTM Routine

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Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. This might not be new but it can be for beginners who are just introducing themselves to skincare.

Cleanser: Use a mild cleanser in the morning. As at night, our skin develops a protective layer because of which our face feels oily. So it’s necessary to not completely dry out the face which can lead to breakouts. A mild cleanser will help in cleansing the face properly without drying it out

Toner: As soon as you are done with the cleaning step, it is necessary to wipe your face right away with the toner. It will help in removing the remaining dirt residue from the face. During the summer, instead of using a heavy moisturizer, just add two-three layers of toner and put on less cream. It will provide your skin with the necessary hydration without making it oily.

Moisturizer:  Supplying your skin with the necessary moisture is very important even for oily skin type. It also helps in the proper application of makeup as it won’t kick-off due to dry skin.

NOTE: Always chose your moisturizer according to your skin type.

5. Be Best Friends with Sunscreen

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Wear sunscreen every day, even if it is not sunny outside. Apply sunscreen at least 20-25 minutes before going out in the sun, so that it soaks into your skin properly. Make sure you reapply sunscreen every two hours throughout the day. Long-time exposure to the sun can lead to wrinkles and sunspots. If you are prone to sunburn, suntan or hyperpigmentation, then try and choose a sunblock with higher SPF, which will give your skin the protection it needs.

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P. S. Find products that are labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ so it does not block pores.


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